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29th Sep 2017: Mushroom Foray in Scotland near Inverness

This will be my fourth year taking forays in Scotland. The last three years have been very successful and I am sure that we will have a great day exploring woods and fields looking for fungi. We never quite know what we might find, but I doubt if we collect fewer than forty species.
As with all my Scottish forays, I am joined by Monica Wilde who knows more about the medicinal properties of fungi and plants than anyone else I know. She is also a very experienced forager. The format of the day is simple. We meet, at the location tha Monica will send you, for a brief introduction. We then set off to see what we can find. Every fungus discovered will be discussed - whether or not it is edible, its name, its lifestyle and place in the great scheme of things. After about three hours we will break for lunch. Then another foray, followed by a show-and-tell table with our finds of the day labelled with their Latin and common names. If we have been successful, we will finish the day with a fry-up! We will bring some food and drink but do bring a packed lunch with you. Sadly, foraging and dogs to not go well together. No matter how lovely and well behaved they are, they always run around excitedly then sit on the fungus we are looking at!
The foray takes place about 30 minute drive from Inverness.
See you there!

Below are Coprinells disseminatus and the uncommon Agaricus fissuratus, both found on forays in Scotland in 2014.


Terms and Conditions
Walking in the woods is potentially dangerous as branches and entire trees occasionally fall down, there are badger, fox and rabbit holes of an ankle breaking nature, branches that poke you in the eye and straggling brambles that trip you up. There is also the extra special frisson of danger in eating wild fungi. I have never given anyone anything poisonous to eat over the last 25 years of taking forays and am extremely careful. However, in booking this foray you agree to accept full responsibility for any personal injuries suffered or originated during the foray and agree to ensure that all those attending accept the same responsibility


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