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  • Demi Johns
  • Horseradish

14th May 2017: Seashore Foray near Dunbar in Scotland

This will be my fourth seashore foray to the fabulous coast near Dunbar (pictured below). As before, I am joined by Monica Wilde, an experienced and knowledgeable forager who also knows more about the medicinal properties of wild plants, fungi and seaweeds than any else I have met.

The general plan is to meet at 09:30 at the location which you will receive when you book (as a pdf file via a link) and begin the day with an essential forager's nip - probably whiskey as it seems like the right thing to do. We will then set off on our foray, examining and discussing edible and medicinal plants as we make our way to the shore. This part of the coast has a complex and varied habitat with many seashore plants to be seen. There is a lot of wildlife to look at, some edible, before we get to the sea itself. Here we will find the true glory of the day - the seaweeds - some of which we will cook later. Monica and I are enthusiastic about seaweed beyond reason and will share our many ways of preparing these unusual foods. We will follow the coast around until we arrive at the camp we will have set up the night before and enjoy a forager's meal. We will bring extra food for our high tea on the shore to supplement what we find, plus some drink (obviously).

Note: I cannot make any promises, but I hope to put out some crab/lobster pots the day before. If I can manage it, it will give an extra dimension to the day. A lobster-shaped dimension with any luck.

See you there!



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